We are a small, privately owned internet cafe/printer in the heart of North Hollywood arts district (aka "NoHo"). By privately owned, we mean a small family-based business that doesn't have to answer to shareholders or, worse, corporate management. This allows us to be a bit more experimental in our approach and still maintain a community focus. We don't have hard sells or misleading pricing structures with our services and we prefer to operate in a very straightforward way. We have a very strong reputation with the LA acting community and currently provide printing services that caters to this market (8x10 headshots, scripts. etc).

But we're also passionate about technology here, we are ardent supporters of bitcoin. What is bitcoin you ask? It's basically an online payment system that exists outside the traditional banking network. The underlying technology, the blockchain, has many potential uses money being one of them, but click here and here to get a better understanding of what this technology entails. We plan, during the year of 2015, to move in this direction by offering bitcoin-related services, such as a bitcoin atm service to further expand this market.

So stop by, chill a bit, and check out the neighboring area if you like.